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A little bit about me

HI I am so glad you have visited my site a very warm WELCOME TO THE ROCCO BABY CROCHET FAMILY

A little bit about myself – My name is Lisa and i live in Greater Manchester in the UK.

I have a number of passions in my life two of those being of course crochet and crochet design.

I taught myself to crochet around ten years ago as a way to help me relax during stressful times (which I am sure in time when we get to know one another better you will hear more about those struggles). I never really expected it to become such a huge part of my life but after many years of learning new skills I started to design my own patterns and i was being asked by lots of people to help them learn the art of crochet because of the pandemic and the obvious implications of social distancing etc I decided to tentatively dip my toe into the world of YouTube Tutorials.

The response that I have had from people in the few short months of being a YouTube Creator has been overwhelming and something that I never expected and knowing that other people are learning to crochet for exactly the same reason that I did and it is helping them cope with the uncertain times that we are all currently facing is a gift in itself.

All of you who make up the Rocco Baby Family means so very much to me and I love connecting with you all especially over on our Facebook Group (there is a link to the group on the home page) I like nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee (Caramel Latte to be exact) and admiring all of the work you post pictures of there wether it is one of my patterns or not we are all here to inspire each other andthe beauty is that there is always something new to learn when it comes to Crochet and its amazing how we can all help to build each other up.

So…… What can you expect from this website in the future?

I will be sharing lots of free patterns my aim is to upload a new free pattern each week which is supported by the tutorial that I upload on Youtube so I would love to see you over there too….. Hit subscribe to never miss a free pattern and tutorial πŸ™‚

Although I am called Rocco Baby Crochet this is not because everything that i design is for babies or children there will be lots of varied patterns which will include baby items but also hand bags, accessories and home dΓ©cor etc. The reason for the Rocco Baby name is because Rocco is the name of one of my cats, I have two beautiful rescue cats Rocco and Tilly. I always call Rocco, Rocco baby and Tilly, Lady Tilly Winkles (YES I AM ONE OF THOSE CRAZY CAT LADIES) haha! Its safe to say my fur babies are another one of my passions and I am sure you will be hearing lots more about my two babies so i will not bore you too much right now!)

My aspirations……. My dream is to build a community where we can all be inspired to craft and create lots of wonderful projects together. My hope is that we can all grow together, support one another and have a little happy place that we can all escape to from time to time.

I hope to hear from you all soon πŸ™‚ lots of love from us all at the Rocco Baby Crochet team,

Lisa , Rocco & Tilly (chief yarn chasers and mischief makers) xxx

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