Are you ready for some festive fun?!? These gorgeous chocolate orange covers are fast and fun to make, perfect for disguising stocking fillers or to dot around your home around Christmas time……. they even look great as an extra little treat for your guests on the Christmas table.

This pattern is beginner friendly so everybody can enjoy it and make them in any colour that you feel is perfect for your home or for the person you are making for and dont forget the video tutorial is available if you prefer to crochet along rather than a written pattern

Ho Ho Hope you enjoy this one 🙂


● 4mm Crochet hook
● Stitch marker
● Darning needle
● Scissors
● Double Knit Yarn (I have used stylecraft Special DK in the colours Spice, Citron and Lipstick
● Pompom maker and of course a Terry’s Chocolate Orange :)))))))


Ch = Chain HTC = Half Treble Crochet (US Half Double crochet) BLOHTC = Back Loop Only Half Crochet (US Front Loop Only Single Crochet)
sl st = Slip Stitch sk st = Skip Stitch
st = stitch

woohoo now we have gone through all that lets get hooking :))))))))))))

  • make a slip knot and ch23
  • Row 1 – Starting in the 2nd ch from hook place 1 HTC, and 1 HTC in every ch along, ch1 and turn [22sts]
  • Row 2 – 1BLOHTC in every st along, ch1 and turn [22sts]
  • ROWS 3 -22 – Repeat Row 2
  • your work should measure 17cm x 9.5cm at this point
  • slip stitch the hat together (I like to pick up the backloop on on the side closest to me and the front loop on the side furthest away from me to prevent the seem being bulky [22sts]
  • fasten off and leave a long enough end to weave in around the top of hat to draw it together
  • thread your darning needle onto the long loose end and weave the loose end in and out of the top of the hat and gently pull on the loose end to draw the hat together
  • weave in loose ends
  • make your pompom for the top of your hat (i prefer the clover pompom makers but you can use whichever method you prefer to make your pompom)
  • attach pompom in the centre of the hat and weave in loose ends
  • grab your chocolate orange and pop the hat on top

That is how easy these lovely little chocolate orange covers are to make so if you need a stocking filler FAST this is the pattern for you 🙂

Time for a coffee refill and get ready to make your next one as everybody loves these little covers they will be in high demand

Happy hooking lots of love, Lis xxx



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