FREE PATTERN: Chunky Monkey Earwarmers

Winter is on its way so why not get your hooks out and make yourself one of these super cute earwarmers to keep you cosy this winter. Its easy and perfect for beginners to try and the tutorial walks you through every step you need to make one fore yourself.

So Grab your yarn and a cuppa and lets get hooking :)))))))


100g Scheepjes Chunky Monkey Yarn (I used about half a ball) in the colour Bumblebee

5mm Crochet Hook


Darning Needle

Stitch markers

UK/US Terminology

This Pattern is written using UK terminology: UK Double Crochet (DC) = US single crochet (SC)

UK Treble Crochet (TC) = US Double Crochet (DC)


ch – Chain

sl st – Slip Stitch

dc – Double Crochet

tc – Treble Crochet


ch 70

Row 1 – tc into the 3rd ch from the hook then place alternate dc, tc into each st along (I like to crochet into the back loops please see the tutorial if you are unsure of how to do this) (68 sts)

Row 2 – Ch 2 and and turn your work, place a tc into the same st, then place alternate dc and tc into every st along (68 sts)

Row 3 – 9 – Ch 2 and turn your work, place a tc into the same st, then place alternate dc and tc into every st along (68 sts)

ch 1 tie off the yarn

Lay your work horizontally with the right side facing up. Fold the earwarmer in half lengthwise, right sides together. Hold each of the two short folded sides, one in each hand. Bring the two short folded sides up to meet one another. Insert one folded side into the other, overlapping the folded halves (think of the two ends like two interlocking ‘c’ shapes.

You should have 4 layers to stitch through. With a tapestry needle and the yarn end sew the edges together. (the seem will be hidden in the twist).

Weave in loose ends and turn the earwarmer right-side out

(You may find it easier to watch the tutorial to support you in making the twist)

I hope you enjoy this free pattern



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