I hope you enjoy this beginner friendly pattern for making these gorgeous pacifier clips/holders. They are a really quick little project and a great way to use up any left over yarns you have from other project 🙂

I have used Stylecraft naturals Bamboo + Cotton in the colours Lavender and Pumice this is a DK weighted yarn and suggested hook size is 3.5mm. however, I go down two hook sizes and use a 2.5mm hook as they are likely to be well used, pulled at and tugged I wanted the stitches a little tighter.


2.5mm Crochet Hook


Darning Needle


Pacifier Clip (Here is a link to the ones that I use)

Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo + Cotton (Colours Lavender and Pumice shown in YouTube Tutorial)

Special Stitches

Puff Stitch: yarn over insert hook pull up a long loop a total of 5 times until you have 11 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through the first 10 loops (leaving two loops on the hook) Yarn over and pull through the last two loops on the hook

US/UK Terminology

This Pattern is written using US terminology: US single crochet (SC) = UK Double Crochet (DC)


ch – Chain

ch sp – Chain space

sl st – Slip Stitch

sc – Single Crochet

ps = Puff stitch


to begin make a slip knot and ch 6

sl st to the 1st ch to form a ring

ch 3 and work a ps inserting your hook into the ring that you have just made

ch 3 and turn your work

work a ps into the previous ch 3 space (please make use of the tutorial supporting this video if you are a beginner and need a little support in finding this ch 3 space

you are going to continue making puff stiches for a total of 24 ps (or until you have reached your desired length)

once you have reached your desired length ch1 and work a sc into the side bar of the st that is securing the last ps that you made (again dont forget to take advantage of the video tutorial if you are a little unsure where to insert your hook 🙂 )

ch 5 and place a sc below the last ps

ch 5 and place a sc under the next ps ( you will continue to do this until you have placed a sc under your last ps and then ch3

place a sc into the ch 3 space

ch 5 and place a sc underneath the next ps and repeat this again until you have placed a sc under you last ps

ch 3 and sl st to your 1st sc

ch 14 and sl st back into the first sc from the previous round

place 6 sc into each of the ch spaces you made in the previous round (you will place 6 sc into the ch 3 spaces also and you may need to pull the sts round a little to fit them all in

once you have placed your last set of 6sc sl st into the same ch 3 space ch 1 and tie off the work ( make sure you leave yourself at least 6inches of yarn to tie the lose ends in securely)

weave in loose ends

attach the pacifier clip (make sure you secure this firmly so that it does not work loose see tutorial for advice)

and finally attach your pacifier and there you have it a super cute pacifier clip/holder

I hope you have enjoyed this pattern and I would love to see pictures of yours over on our facebook group 🙂

Happy hooking

Love from Lisa, Rocco and Tillywinkles xxx


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